Dear Students,

The Department of Histology and Embryology is going to provide tutoring of its subjects in the following period in a distance form, so that after the reopening of schools it is possible to follow the full-time form of teaching as smoothly as possible. You will be receiving more information, including materials for your studies of the microscopic structure of the organs of the discussed systems to your mailbox via News.
This system requires you to follow - as part of your histology and embryology self-study - the original timetable of our subjects. Please read the materials for the lectures available at Moodle at the latest by the time set for this activity. At the time when the lecture is scheduled to be ending, the system will open the Forum by the topic, which will allow you to ask questions concerning potential confusions. The lecturer will then answer the most serious students' questions the following day. When studying the topics of practical histology classes, also keep up with a time schedule.  Tests for groups 7 and 8 will be organized at the same time and will be  available from 17:30 to 17:45 on the day of your
regular practical class. You need to pass it to get the distance self-study of the topic fulfilled. The test will be graded in order to make sure you study continuously. If there is a change in date of key tests (e.g., embryology) and histology slide-testing seminars you will be informed in a dvance. Please, self-study carefully to be well-prepared.
I do believe that you will prove to be well-motivated students with enough self-discipline, despite extraordinary measures, to enable us to successfully complete the summer semester together.
Thank you. On behalf of the Department of Histology and Embryology,

Jaroslav Mokrý